Making the Second-Hand Golf Equipment Choice

For the golfer looking to make a serious investment in golf equipment, the tab can run high very quickly. Golfers usually pay a pretty penny for their equipment, but duffers on a budget can still enjoy as much as their spendthrift counterparts. What are the options available for wallet pincher? With online classified websites such as Craigslist becoming more and more popular, second-hand clubs and other golf gear are now more available than ever.

Is it worth looking into purchasing second-hand golf equipment?

Beginner golfers are actually the best candidates for the second-hand equipment market. More often than not, these players are often light hobbyists of the sport, often on the fence if they will be sticking with the sport or not.

golf equipmentNext to borrowing, buying used clubs is the wisest choice for the wary golfer, finance-wise. Being a new golfer would often translate to inexperience with the different types and materials of clubs. It would be wise for the sport newbie’s to initially go to brick-and-mortar retailers first. This is to equip the beginner a familiarity with the types of club that they would need, and to actually see the fit that would work best for their particular built and skill level, which is more desirable than starting search by browsing online, as the look and feel of the equipment would certainly be lost on the ingenue.

It would be quite useless to buy a cheap yet useless golf club. Many pro shops often carry a selection of second-hand equipment that can be examined personally. A first-time shopper may find that he may need to go to more than a couple of stores during this search. Once the set of clubs most suited for a player among the available clubs has been identified, an informed purchase decision can now be made.

Another way to approach the penny-pinching path is through online means. More experienced golfers stand to gain the most through this approach as they can now adeptly navigate through the dizzying array of options available to them. There are certainly several pros and cons to taking the online approach to acquiring pre-owned gear. Aside from the price, the biggest benefit to buying second-hand golf equipment online is the sheer volume of choices available. Options spanning several budget ranges are ripe for the picking. Players can mix and match their preferred clubs from different sets, or buy half sets, which can rarely be done when buying brand new equipment.

With this world of advantage, a trade off in uncertainty is present. One must not approach the world of online shopping without caution. Even seasoned golfers looking to sink money into pre-owned equipment must do their homework. Fraud is commonplace in online trade. Further, despite what the item description and pictures show, there is always uncertainty in the condition of the golf equipment with online purchases.

Actual photos may be retouched to hide damages to the club, or to diminish the appearance of wear and tear on the product. Adding a layer of uncertainty, a golf club has several parts, all of which may be in a different state of wear and tear.

Many sellers also present counterfeit clubs and other equipment posing as genuine products. To protect oneself from unsavory sellers, potential buyers of equipment must only go to trustworthy sites. These sites would also have a seller’s rating scheme, which buyers can use to gauge the site. Overall, buyers must use their instinct – if it is too good of a deal, it probably is.

Of course, along with golf clubs, almost all other equipment is available second-hand, whether in online buy and sell sites, or pro shops. Compared to the clubs however, buying pre-owned auxiliary golf equipment is less of a daunting task.

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