Lanyards as Cheap Giveaways

It’s time to talk about something everybody loves: giveaways. Whether you’re talking about your children’s birthday parties, corporate Christmas season, or the standard conference goodie bag, giveaways have become a regular part of society’s vocabulary. It’s become more than normal, it’s become expected – how are you going to meet those expectations?

Not everybody has the budget for giving away personalized cupcakes or printed-on water bottles. But that doesn’t matter, because sometimes the simplest giveaways are the best and the most useful.

Custom lanyards, for instance, have become rather popular, especially for corporate giveaways and trade events.

They’ve even found their place in more personal events like birthday parties.Why are they so popular? For one thing, everybody uses them. This is because everybody owns things they need to keep close by; everybody has house keys, a few I.D. cards or badges, maybe even a mini flashlight or a set of car keys. And with pockets nowadays being firmly occupied by smart phones and wallets, and bags usually either too full or too out of reach, wearing things on your neck starts to make a lot of sense.

Another reason they’re so popular is the customization they offer. Custom lanyards leave all the creative decisions to the most important person – you. Since you’re the one who’s going to use them, the one who’s paying for them, and the one who wants them in the first place, it’s great that you can be the one in charge of how they look, how they feel, and even how they function.

LanyardsThere are companies today that let you design everything: the colors, the fabric, the design, the text. Even the attachments and clasps are up to you. You don’t need to worry about the fabric giving everybody itchy necks, or the colors of the design clashing, since you are in charge.

Another very important reason why people love these things lies in how much they cost. In most cases, if you choose all the basic options, it will come out to only $180 for 100 pieces. That means one dollar and eighty cents each. Not bad! Compare that to cupcakes at $3 each (not counting decorations cost, which some bakeries charge at $75 for every hour of decorating!), or water bottles at $18 each. If you need 100 pieces, that’s $300 for cupcakes plus decorating time, or $180 on water bottles! Consider that the cupcakes will be a distant memory after a few days, and most people need only one water bottle, which they likely already have at home.

And while other giveaways such as personalized ballpoint pens might be cheaper than custom lanyards, they are cheaper for a reason – pens run out of ink, and get thrown away very quickly. If you’re giving away something in the hopes of people remembering your company name, then this is a very bad thing. Moreover, the kind of pens usually used for giveaways are cheap because they are of poor quality; you know the kind of pen – either it writes too lightly, or even runs out of ink entirely, much too early. You don’t want your giveaways to be a source of frustration to others!

This is where custom lanyards come in. Since these are usually inexpensive, there are many companies out there offering them; not all of them are trustworthy. Find a good company that offers quality products! You don’t want your friends, co-workers, or customers associating you with itchy necks or cringe-worthy lanyard designs. When made properly, custom lanyards can be a great and inexpensive giveaway, whether for corporate affairs, personal parties, or as school/company items.

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