Cremation Throughout The Years Brought By

Cremation, the process of subjecting a dead body to direct flame and extreme heat to turn it into ashes, has become the first and top choice among American families when it comes to funeral services. To the traditional family, it is a cheaper alternative to coffin or casket burials. Crematory services are but unusual in today’s time.

Many funeral homes, most especially at, offer cremation services.

Cremation came from the Latin word “cremo” which means “to burn”. Literally, cremation is the burning of a dead person’s body. Cremation has tremendously changed over the years. From a cultural tradition in the 3000 BCE to a funeral service option in the 21st century, we at will discuss a brief history of cremation.

It is said that records of the partly cremated Mungo Lady in Lake Mungo, Australia prove that the method of cremation dates back to at least 20,000 years ago. However, many modern archaeologists refer to the Near East and Europe as the origin of cremation practices. They believe that cremation was already present in the 3,000 BCE during the Stone Age. Furthermore, archaeologists discovered decorative urns and they concluded that cremation has reached the boundaries of northern Europe during the later period of the Stone Age.

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The dawn of the Bronze Age (about 2,500 BCE) showed that cremation began blooming in Portugal and Spain. Crematory cemeteries began developing in northern Italy, and cremation began spreading until it reached Ireland. Furthermore, cremation has become the most widely-used method of disposing dead bodies during the 800 BCE in Greece. This process was highly encouraged during this time because of its convenience in burying fallen warriors.

Romans followed the trends of the Greeks. They adopted cremation during the 600 BCE. It has become a prevalent practice but officials had to issue an anti-cremation decree against it because of religious purposes. When Catholicism took over Rome, the only accepted form of funeral was the traditional burial.

In several parts of Europe, performing cremations was considered a crime. Moreover, cremation was used by authorities of the Catholic Church to punish Protestant heretics and those who defy the doctrines of Roman Catholicism. One of the most controversial examples is the burning of John Wycliff’s exhumed remains. Because of his outspoken denial in the belief that the wine and bread served in the Holy Communion become the blood and body of Jesus once these are blessed, John Wycliff’s remains were burned to ashes and were thrown into a river.

Even though cremation was accepted by the general public, cremation was used only in rare situations of war or plague.

However, for the following 1,500 years, cremation made its way to be recognized as Europe’s means of body disposition.

Fast-forwarded, modern cremation was born when Italian Professor Ludovico Brunetti successfully designed and created a cremation chamber. In 1873, the model was shown at the Vienna Exposition. Crematoriums, a facility with cremation chambers or crematories, began to spring up. These facilities can also be found at funeral homes, just like ours at

The first crematoriums in Europe were founded in Gotha, Germany and Woking, England in 1878. In North America, Dr. Julius LeMoyne founded the very first crematorium in Washington, Pennsylvania a year prior to the founding of the crematoriums in Europe.

Later on, the number of crematoriums all over the world continued to grow. Cremation started to rise again; however, there had been instances when mass cremation was necessary to use. For example, in Nazi Germany, the remains of the victims of the Holocaust were needed to be cremated. Additionally, victims of contagious diseases, famine, wars, and plague were also cremated out of fear for the health of the public.


Modern cremation services are still used for funerals. Today, cremation has been generally accepted by American families. Although critics argue that cremating a deceased person’s body is unethical, many people prefer cremation over the traditional burial because of its affordability and convenience. For example, the traditional burial costs about $6,000 while cremation costs only 1/3 of it. In our website, we offer the best cremation services for an affordable price.

Cremation has undergone a lot of changes over the years. It received both negative and positive feedbacks, and until now, many are skeptic when it comes to the ethics of cremations. However, it will all go back to the preferences and culture of a person and his or her family. Anyone who wishes to be cremated has the right to choose this means of body disposition.

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Lanyards as Cheap Giveaways

It’s time to talk about something everybody loves: giveaways. Whether you’re talking about your children’s birthday parties, corporate Christmas season, or the standard conference goodie bag, giveaways have become a regular part of society’s vocabulary. It’s become more than normal, it’s become expected – how are you going to meet those expectations?

Not everybody has the budget for giving away personalized cupcakes or printed-on water bottles. But that doesn’t matter, because sometimes the simplest giveaways are the best and the most useful.

Custom lanyards, for instance, have become rather popular, especially for corporate giveaways and trade events.

They’ve even found their place in more personal events like birthday parties.Why are they so popular? For one thing, everybody uses them. This is because everybody owns things they need to keep close by; everybody has house keys, a few I.D. cards or badges, maybe even a mini flashlight or a set of car keys. And with pockets nowadays being firmly occupied by smart phones and wallets, and bags usually either too full or too out of reach, wearing things on your neck starts to make a lot of sense.

Another reason they’re so popular is the customization they offer. Custom lanyards leave all the creative decisions to the most important person – you. Since you’re the one who’s going to use them, the one who’s paying for them, and the one who wants them in the first place, it’s great that you can be the one in charge of how they look, how they feel, and even how they function.

LanyardsThere are companies today that let you design everything: the colors, the fabric, the design, the text. Even the attachments and clasps are up to you. You don’t need to worry about the fabric giving everybody itchy necks, or the colors of the design clashing, since you are in charge.

Another very important reason why people love these things lies in how much they cost. In most cases, if you choose all the basic options, it will come out to only $180 for 100 pieces. That means one dollar and eighty cents each. Not bad! Compare that to cupcakes at $3 each (not counting decorations cost, which some bakeries charge at $75 for every hour of decorating!), or water bottles at $18 each. If you need 100 pieces, that’s $300 for cupcakes plus decorating time, or $180 on water bottles! Consider that the cupcakes will be a distant memory after a few days, and most people need only one water bottle, which they likely already have at home.

And while other giveaways such as personalized ballpoint pens might be cheaper than custom lanyards, they are cheaper for a reason – pens run out of ink, and get thrown away very quickly. If you’re giving away something in the hopes of people remembering your company name, then this is a very bad thing. Moreover, the kind of pens usually used for giveaways are cheap because they are of poor quality; you know the kind of pen – either it writes too lightly, or even runs out of ink entirely, much too early. You don’t want your giveaways to be a source of frustration to others!

This is where custom lanyards come in. Since these are usually inexpensive, there are many companies out there offering them; not all of them are trustworthy. Find a good company that offers quality products! You don’t want your friends, co-workers, or customers associating you with itchy necks or cringe-worthy lanyard designs. When made properly, custom lanyards can be a great and inexpensive giveaway, whether for corporate affairs, personal parties, or as school/company items.

Making the Second-Hand Golf Equipment Choice

For the golfer looking to make a serious investment in golf equipment, the tab can run high very quickly. Golfers usually pay a pretty penny for their equipment, but duffers on a budget can still enjoy as much as their spendthrift counterparts. What are the options available for wallet pincher? With online classified websites such as Craigslist becoming more and more popular, second-hand clubs and other golf gear are now more available than ever.

Is it worth looking into purchasing second-hand golf equipment?

Beginner golfers are actually the best candidates for the second-hand equipment market. More often than not, these players are often light hobbyists of the sport, often on the fence if they will be sticking with the sport or not.

golf equipmentNext to borrowing, buying used clubs is the wisest choice for the wary golfer, finance-wise. Being a new golfer would often translate to inexperience with the different types and materials of clubs. It would be wise for the sport newbie’s to initially go to brick-and-mortar retailers first. This is to equip the beginner a familiarity with the types of club that they would need, and to actually see the fit that would work best for their particular built and skill level, which is more desirable than starting search by browsing online, as the look and feel of the equipment would certainly be lost on the ingenue.

It would be quite useless to buy a cheap yet useless golf club. Many pro shops often carry a selection of second-hand equipment that can be examined personally. A first-time shopper may find that he may need to go to more than a couple of stores during this search. Once the set of clubs most suited for a player among the available clubs has been identified, an informed purchase decision can now be made.

Another way to approach the penny-pinching path is through online means. More experienced golfers stand to gain the most through this approach as they can now adeptly navigate through the dizzying array of options available to them. There are certainly several pros and cons to taking the online approach to acquiring pre-owned gear. Aside from the price, the biggest benefit to buying second-hand golf equipment online is the sheer volume of choices available. Options spanning several budget ranges are ripe for the picking. Players can mix and match their preferred clubs from different sets, or buy half sets, which can rarely be done when buying brand new equipment.

With this world of advantage, a trade off in uncertainty is present. One must not approach the world of online shopping without caution. Even seasoned golfers looking to sink money into pre-owned equipment must do their homework. Fraud is commonplace in online trade. Further, despite what the item description and pictures show, there is always uncertainty in the condition of the golf equipment with online purchases.

Actual photos may be retouched to hide damages to the club, or to diminish the appearance of wear and tear on the product. Adding a layer of uncertainty, a golf club has several parts, all of which may be in a different state of wear and tear.

Many sellers also present counterfeit clubs and other equipment posing as genuine products. To protect oneself from unsavory sellers, potential buyers of equipment must only go to trustworthy sites. These sites would also have a seller’s rating scheme, which buyers can use to gauge the site. Overall, buyers must use their instinct – if it is too good of a deal, it probably is.

Of course, along with golf clubs, almost all other equipment is available second-hand, whether in online buy and sell sites, or pro shops. Compared to the clubs however, buying pre-owned auxiliary golf equipment is less of a daunting task.

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Movable Cubicles at Home

Many families now have movable cubicles or portable storage containers in their houses. These are usually three meters high and nine to twelve meters long. They are made up of sturdy kinds of metal that would be able to stand strong and harsh weather conditions. People either rent the containers or buy their own. This article shall inform you of the benefits of having such a storage facility in your property.

If you have a lot of things at home but you do not have enough room to store them in, get yourself a personal storage unit. This will help make your house organized and clutter-free and you get to keep those old possessions of yours rather than throwing them away.

Storage containerThere are those who find their old stuff destroyed by the rain, sun and wind when they keep them in open air at the back of their house. With a storage unit in their property, their things will be protected from damage done by environmental factors, animals or even burglars. These units are always water and wind-proof so your items shall be protected when a storm or heavy wind occurs. Safety is therefore a benefit of such storage containers.

Movable cubicles offer flexibility to household owners. If you have some things that you cannot part with just yet because of their sentimental value such as your first wedding bed or your baby crib, you can always place them in this storage unit until such time when you need to dispose all of them. In addition, if you have old furniture that you are selling but have no buyer yet, place them in this storage cubicle until you find someone to sell it to. You can keep or dispose these items minus the unnecessary pressure at a time convenient to you.

It is really very practical to have movable cubicles in your house because you will be able to save money. Rather than leaving your possessions to rot in your garage or yard and make them useless in the future, you can still save them when storing them in these containers. You will safeguard your possessions and therefore will not lose money. You can preserve all your stuff and eventually, you can sell them if you want. You do not have to spend money to build an extra storage room in your house or a garage. A storage unit is a more practical move because renting one will only cost you a small amount.

With your own portable storage container, you will be able to transport your things easily when you move to a new house. Call up a moving company and then they will transport your container for you to your next destination. You will no longer rent a truck and then have your things packed and loaded in it. Because of this, your move will not cause any unnecessary delay and you will be able to save time and have a hassle-free transfer.

If you are moving to another house in the neighbourhood, you will not have to run back and forth from your old house to the new one because your container can store a lot of things already in just one setting. If you want to have your own movable cubicles, contact a supplier listed in your Yellow Pages or in the classified ads of your local dailies.

Make sure you get one from a reputable company. You do not want to end up with a storage unit that can be easily broken into or damaged because of harsh weather. These are the reasons why many people now have these movable cubicles in their houses. Why don’t you get one for yourself?

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Original SEO Post Mechanics

SEO or search engine optimization affects the visibility of a webpage or site in a search engine’s search results. It helps draw more visitors to the website. The higher a website is in a search engine’s search results, the more frequent that website would be visited. Search engine optimization spans more than just web results; it also covers image results, video results, local results, and news results. Optimizing an original SEO post would involve updating its content, HTML, and other methods. Analytics could also be set up to help in studying SEO data. An original SEO post on a website helps in increasing the chances that that site or post itself will be featured in a search engine. Internet marketing strategists study how the search engines work, the search terms that people input, and what search engines are more preferred by the people. This information helps in determining the strategy that will be used to optimize a website or to help it be shown in the results of a search.

The popular search engines like Yahoo!, Bing, and Google use what is known as web crawlers to look for pages for their search results. Each of the search engine companies has their own algorithm in determining what shows up in their search results. The web crawlers take a look at a number of factors when scanning a website. Not every website or web page is indexed by the search engines.

seoWeb crawlers may run into undesirable content when scanning web pages, so webmasters direct them not to scan certain directories. The owner of an original SEO post may also choose to exclude their page from being scanned by the web crawlers. Some pages that are excluded from web crawlers are login specific pages and user specific content.

A number of things can be done to help increase the standing of a web page in the search results. One of them is by cross linking, or providing links between pages of the same website. Also, having content that includes keyword phrases that are commonly searched also helps in drawing visitors. Content that is updated often will also lead the web crawlers to frequently come back.

There are white hat and black hat SEO techniques that are done that helps in getting indexed. A white hat SEO technique is when it abides by a search engine’s rules and involves no trickery. It is about making sure that the content that a search engine will index is the same content that people will see. It is also about creating content that is for the people, and not just for the purpose of showing up in a search engine’s search results.

On the other hand, black hat techniques involve trying to increase a website’s rankings with methods that are looked down upon by search engines. Examples would be using hidden texts, or redirecting to a different page depending on if the page is being asked for by a person or a search engine. This technique is called cloaking. Websites that are discovered to have used black hat techniques are penalized either by a decrease in rankings or taking out the website altogether from a search engine’s database.

As a marketing strategy, SEO is not suitable for every website. It may produce a return on investment, but search engines’ algorithms change every now and then so there are no guarantees. If a business heavily relies on search engine traffic, it can amass huge losses once the search engine stops referring visitors to their site. Other marketing strategies such as pay per click campaigns would be more effective.

Keynote Speaker Traits

Conducting lectures or conferences can be quite difficult for those who are not accustomed to organizing events. There are so many things that one has to accomplish in preparation of the event, such as booking the hall or room, promoting the event, inviting participants and most importantly, getting a good keynote speaker.

Keynote speakerIn looking for a speaker, knowing his expertise and schedule is very crucial in booking his services. However, there are also other important things that you must take note of, such as his traits.

An effective speaker must have these five basic traits:

1.  Excellent speaker

First and foremost, keynote speakers must be able to speak fluently and clearly. Obviously, this is the most basic thing that you must consider in choosing a speaker. Although most keynote speakers are skilled in this field, there are some who are only beginning in this venture and may experience the occasional stage fright.

Also, your keynote speaker must not just be able to speak well, but he must also be great in delivering his speech. There are some speakers who speak fluently but have trouble getting their messages across.

If you are hiring for a big-scale lecture, try to invite someone who no longer has these problems.

2.  Knowledgeable about the subject matter

Every conference has a theme that the keynote speaker must adhere to. However, the common practice is that the organizers would invite someone who is very knowledgeable about the subject matter. Thus, it is not the keynote speakers who will adjust but it is the organizers who will.

If you are looking for a speaker for your event, research for the most prominent person in the subject matter. Contact this person and ask for his availability. If you wish to have more options, list down all the potential speakers that you may invite.For finding right speaker you can also go thorugh motivational-speaker-success.

3.  Entertaining and has a sense of humor

It is a reality that some people get bored during long lectures. Even if they are genuinely interested in the topic before them, they may lose interest if the speech gets dragging. When the audience gets bored, the event may not turn out as successful as it should be. To avoid this from happening, you should look for a speaker which is not merely knowledgeable in his field of expertise, but is also charismatic enough that he may be able to entertain the audience.

While anyone can easily give out a lecture, not everyone can successfully please the crowd. There are some speakers who are too serious with their speeches that they tend to ignore their audience’s reactions.

Invite a keynote speaker who interacts with his audience every once in a while. Find someone who does not just read off from his materials but can occasionally tell a joke or ask for the audience’s opinion. Aside from being informative, this kind of speaker will also be entertaining. The lecture attendees will definitely enjoy his presence and the event will certainly be a success.

4. Accommodating

And lastly, you should invite a keynote speaker who entertains questions. There are some lectures which do not have an open-mic discussion at the end, but this is only because of lack of time or because of the hectic schedule of the speaker.

However, the norm is that the speaker encourages the audience to ask question. Usually, the audience may have some things that they would want to clarify or some ideas that they want to follow up on. It is important that your speaker is open to this, so it is greatly advised that you find someone who is open to accommodating inquiries.

Finding the right speaker isn’t a complicated task. After all, as you’ve learned, you’ll simply have to pay attention to the most relevant traits.

Official Challenge Coin Rules

The military coins’ tradition is the most efficient way of ensuring that members always carry with them their organization’s or military unit’s coin. The challenge coin rules are not standardized for every organization. These rules are only practiced by the members who have formally been issued with their own coin. The coin challenge is controversial to those organizations that do not practice the tradition, yet are challenged by members of other organizations. On the contrary, the challenge coin’s purpose is to establish morale amongst the organization’s members. Forced challenges do not support this principle. Thus, it is discouraged in some military units.

The Challenger

Military coin rules are only applicable for the individuals who own a military coin. These owners may challenge any individual who similarly bears a coin. The act of challenging is popularly known as “Coin Check.” Commonly, it is loudly announced in the group. Briefly, this challenge is made by taking a coin and lifting it up in the air. Then, the challenger should verbally acknowledge that he will initiate a coin check by shouting to the crowd. This can also be done by placing or slapping it onto a table, bar, or floor. This should be done in a manner such that the coin will produce an audible noise so the people being challenged can hear it. If the coin accidentally hits the floor but its owner have no intention to challenge, then he just “accidentally” initiated a coin check. He is now obligated to buy a drink for the people who heard and saw what happened to the coin. This is to imply that people should always carry and handle their military coins with proper care and respect.

Advantage of Coin Carriers

military coinsMajority of the challenge coin owners commonly carry their coins in their pocket or in the leather pouch they wear about their neck. This would provide them an easier response whenever they are challenged. But other versions of the rules of military coins allow cheats like “a step and a reach.” Some rules may also allow other individuals to pass their extra coin to the challenged individual close to them. Coins that are pinned on belt buckles are not accepted in the coin challenge. Same goes for coins that are attached to a key ring. Coins with a hole drilled into them or attached to a lanyard are also not acceptable.

The Challenged

The challenged individualsare also called the “response” of the coin check. They are required to produce a coin within 60 seconds after the challenger initiated the coin challenge. Just as how the challenger drew his coin, the challenged individual should properly respond by drawing his coin in the same manner. Some organizations invalidate the use of military coins that do not have their logo engraved. If the challenger is successful in doing the challenge, the challenger is ought to buy a round of drinks. Otherwise, if the challenged individual failed, he is obligated to buy a round of drinks for the group. However, the drink doesn’t have to be an alcoholic beverage. It can be a caffeinated one, a soda, or anything the challenger and the challenged have agreed upon.

This challenge can occur anywhere and anytime, but challengers prefer the right timing when they sense that a person forgot to carry the coins with them. Some organizations, such as the Special Force army, take the coin check or challenge more seriously. In their rules, failure to comply by buying a round of drinks is a despicable crime. They will require the individual to turn in the coin to their issuing agency. This instills discipline, responsibility, and trustworthiness to the members of the organization.

Understanding Misters

Misters are simple machines that most people know as those giant appliances that blow some sort of smoke. That is not smoke, it is in fact mist. Mist fans are similar to electric fans in several ways, but are also different.

fanMist fans are used in a wide variety of different applications. Sure most people know them as those machines used for outdoor cooling, but there is so much more to them than that. Their unique operation affords mist fans a great deal of versatility. They are more than just some piece of appliance that people can use for keeping themselves cool outdoors.

Mist fans see use in industrial applications where they are used for odor and dust control or to keep machines from overheating. They are used in agricultural applications in order to keep environments humid or to cool off livestock.

Whatever the case might be, misters are amazing pieces of machinery that do not get the kind of attention and recognition that they deserve. Below is a brief overview of how this amazing piece of machine works.

The mechanics behind mist fans

electeic fanA mist fan, like an electric fan, has an electric motor. This electric motor is connected to a shaft. The shaft has several fan blades attached to it which move when the shaft rotates. The blades are made at a certain angle. This angle is crucial as it helps the fan blades manipulate the air.

The fan blades are angled in such a manner that it draws in the air from the rear. The air drawn by the fan blades force the air to move forward. The effect is continuous for all fan blades so long as they keep rotating. In essence, the rotating fan blades are what generate the stream of air. The strength of the air current depends on how fast the fan blades can rotate.

Evaporative cooling: the science behind the cold air

Misters are not as simple as electric fans. Sure, both of them are similar in that they move large volumes of air by using an electric motor to rotate a few fan blades that generate an air stream. However, the similarities end there.

What makes a mist fan different from a vanilla electric fan is that the former is capable of producing a colder stream of air. This cold stream of air is made possible by a phenomenon known as evaporative cooling. Evaporative cooling is the process of cooling an object by allowing a liquid to absorb heat until it evaporates to take the heat with it.

In this case, the mist fan has a water pump attached to it. The water pump is capable of producing super tiny droplets of water. These tiny droplets of water immediately evaporate once they come into contact with the air thereby taking some of the heat and cooling it.

Water pumps and the mist

fansWater pumps are the components of a mist fan that is responsible for producing all those tiny droplets of water. The water pump is an important part of any mist fan. Without the water pump, the mist fan is really nothing more than a regular electric fan.

There are plenty of different water pump systems out there; however, they can be categorized into three different groups. High pressure mist fans are those fans which are used for large outdoor events. They usually produce around a thousand PSI (pounds per square inch). Medium pressure mist fans are often used for residential purposes. Low pressure mist fans are often bought for personal use.

There are also two kinds of systems for producing mist. Some mist fans use nozzles to produce a fine mist, but these mist fans can get clogged by hard water. Other misters use a centrifugal system that does not clog, but only produces a drier sort of mist.